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Zero Waste ‘Eat-Your-Own-Art’ Masterpieces with Danling…

By June 14, 2016 No Comments

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Yes, Danling Xiao (@mundane_matters) plays with her food, but she also devours it. “I call it ‘eat-your-own-art,’” the 31-year-old graphic designer says. “I’m really enjoying my zero-waste practice!” Three years ago, she toyed around with her first sculpture, a pumpkin doll, but last year, a stressed and anxious Danling quit her 9-to-5 job in Sydney to focus full time on produce. “Many people think I’m just doing cute fruit art, but what I’m doing reminds us where our food comes from and helps to raise awareness about sustainable living,” she says. Her only tools are a chopping board, toothpicks, a $10 knife and all-natural fruits and veggies — many of which she gets from shopping the “imperfect fruit” section at her local farmers market. They often work best for her quirky designs, anyway. “Imagination is key,” Danling says. “When you can imagine, the world is your oyster.”