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Why You’re Not Good at Social Until It Embarrasses You

By May 17, 2016 No Comments

Susan Etlinger - InstagramBig Data. Big Results.

Susan is recognized as one of the most influential voices in Big Data. Not only does she have a TED talk that has been viewed more than one million times, but she is also a member of the board of The Big Boulder Initiative which is an industry organization dedicated to promoting the successful and ethical use of social data.

As we become more and more adept at collecting mass amounts of data from all the different social channels, there eventually comes a time where you need to revisit how that data is analyzed and interpreted.

According to Susan, that time is now.

She has watched the evolution of data and consumer habits and has seen a simultaneous change in how marketers need to interpret the data to keep it relevant. Unfortunately, this change is slow to happen, making analysis paralysis an all too familiar crippling occurrence for many. With her guidance, she will teach you how to utilize your data to become immediately relevant and impactful.

In This Episode

  • Why a plethora of social channels means putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes to figure out what works best
  • How the rise of data scientists leads to a better appreciation and utilization of data
  • Why disambiguation of data means putting the customer first in your analysis
  • How Facebook’s current algorithm allegations leads to a teachable moment on the relationship between humans and algorithms
  • Why the rise of visual content means new opportunities for influencers programs


Quotes From This Episode

“We have to put ourselves in the position of consumers and think about what it’s like to move from channel to channel, device to device, day to day.” —@setlinger

What we don’t think about is how much the landscape has changed in terms of the data that people use every day and the data that we require from them.” —@setlinger

“We need to think about data from a customer point of view in the same way that we think about digital experiences from a customer point of view.” —@setlinger

“We’ve got to be cognizant about data and thoughtful about using our powers for good rather than evil.” —@jaybaer (highlight to tweet)

“We’re all looking at data in some way or another and there’s an expectation that we should be able to make sense of it.” —@setlinger (highlight to tweet)

“There’s a lot more we can know about customers, experiences, and interactions now than in the past.” —@setlinger (highlight to tweet)

“Just because you can measure something doesn’t mean you should.” —adamcb (highlight to tweet)

“People still get stuck in analysis paralysis and it doesn’t matter whether they have three data points or 30 million.” —@setlinger (highlight to tweet)

“People upload and share 1.8 billion images daily.” —@setlinger (highlight to tweet)

“There are so many little trap doors and insider things you need to know about social. There’s a lot you need to know that nobody’s going to give you, and that’s what my passion is now. I try to tell you the stuff you need to know right before you need to know it.” —@setlinger



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