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Why You Can’t Succeed at Social Without Fun

By July 12, 2016 No Comments

Jarrod Lyman - InstagramPassion, Authenticity, and Fun

It seems like a given that social marketing, a vehicle for engagement with an audience, should be fun. However that seemingly obvious fact can easily get lost in the shuffle of metrics, click rates, marketing plans, and C-suite approval.

But when the fun is lost, so goes the incentive for your audience to engage. If YOU are not having fun, then they will definitely not have fun either.

Jarrod Lyman brings a refreshing perspective to social that keeps enjoyment of life and his product at the forefront of his mind. It doesn’t hurt that his product is a beautiful swath of land in Oregon that provides endless outdoor entertainment and is capped off with the breathtaking peak of Mt. Hood. But beyond that, at the heart of his approach to social, is an understanding that if you don’t want to do it—whatever “it” is—neither will your audience.

Through his social-focused lens, Jarrod has transformed tourist marketing into a career that positively impacts his life, his community, and his brand.

In This Episode

  • How effective content and engagement leads to passionate brand ambassadors
  • Why picking the right channel means following the content’s lead
  • How enjoying what you do leads to winning social marketing
  • Why being successful means pushing business to your partners
  • How evolving channels and smartphones have led to an explosion of tourism content
  • The importance and growth of tourism marketing


Quotes From This Episode

“Social engages with people who are just discovering this destination and the people who already love it. It turns them both into ambassadors who will go and sing the praises of my destination for me.” —@jarrodlyman

“I let the story determine the length and the channel that it’s pushed through.” —@jarrodlyman (highlight to tweet)

“Guest bloggers really enrich the content on our site. They have that connection to the subject and that love. I can talk about it, but I may miss that inner story.” —@jarrodlyman

“If I’m not having fun writing it, they’re not going to have fun reading it.” —@jarrodlyman (highlight to tweet)

“We want people to absorb our content but we also want people to move on to our partners to see what else there is to offer.” —@jarrodlyman

“Tourism is one of the truest forms of economic development for a community.” —@jarrodlyman (highlight to tweet)

“It’s imperative that we forge partnerships and keep them strong so that we can leverage their efforts to help bolster what we do as well.” —@jarrodlyman



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