Jay Baer - InstagramTurn Haters Into Lovers

The vast majority of businesses are actually quite terrible at customer service when it comes to complaints/problems. You may think of those few times that the company really came through on a problem, but those one-offs are statistically not the norm. Given that a recovered customer can have 20 times the impact of advertising on sales, it’s high time for businesses to change their approach to haters.

With 13 months of research and 23 years of my marketing experience, this week’s episode delves into the topic of embracing disgruntled customers and winning them back to your side. By turning haters into believers, you can see an increase in sales and a jump in lifetime brand advocates on social and beyond.

In This Episode

  • How a quick and simple response leads to customer happiness
  • Why changing communication channels for a complaint means a lack of respect for your customers
  • How a well-managed public interaction with an angry customer leads to spectator advocates
  • Why saying “sorry” doesn’t always mean instant liability

Quotes From This Episode

“Speed isn’t the most important thing… Just showing up is the most important thing.” —@jaybaer

“We’re in an era now where customer service is a spectator sport.” —@jaybaer (highlight to tweet)

“Answering a customer complaint increases advocacy every time and in every channel.” —@jaybaer (highlight to tweet)

“We treat customers totally different online versus offline, and that’s got to change.” —@jaybaer

“No response is a response that says, ‘We don’t care enough about you to even reply.’” —@jaybaer (highlight to tweet)

“Customers who have a problem that is successfully solved are far more loyal, and spend far more dollars, than customers who have never had a problem.” —@jaybaer

“Resolution is just frosting. Answer is cake.” —@jaybaer (highlight to tweet)


See you next week!