Kari Embree - InstagramBrewing is Better With Friends

It takes more than just a good beer to launch a brewery on to the national distribution stage. Especially when that beer comes out of one of the microbrew meccas of the USA, San Diego.

Green Flash Brewing Company has been hard at work setting themselves apart from the stiff competition of 120 local breweries and succeeding in part from the relationships cultivated through an organically grown social media community.

Kari has helped lead the Green Flash community through acquisitions, rebranding, and expansions across the country. Just last year they ranked number 41 out of the top 50 biggest breweries in the country.

Throughout it all, she has kept her eye on the social ball by pointedly engaging with local customers (both online and in person) and developing reciprocal, thankful relationships with customers and distributors nation wide.

With an organic growth of 75% on Instagram this year alone, her approach is clearly paying off. Her customer engagement, community building, and visual approach has set Green Flash up for long-term success online and off.

In This Episode

  • How a surviving the initial tumult of a rebrand leads to greater brand awareness and cohesiveness in the long run
  • Why organic growth means lots of social thanking
  • How cultivating user-generated visuals leads to greater reach within your community and beyond
  • Why working at a brewery doesn’t mean you get to drink beer all the time (but maybe a little of the time)


Quotes From This Episode

“With any rebrand, you are going to have people that love it and hate it.” —@GreenFlashKari

“With social media, primarily we are looking for brand awareness and then evangelism.” —@GreenFlashKari (highlight to tweet)

“The more we can respect our community, the more love we’ll get back organically.” —@GreenFlashKari (highlight to tweet)

“Everybody has their own emotional response and their own experience that if they see it right there at the edge, they’ll put their own experience into that image and that’s what makes it so powerful.” —@GreenFlashKari

“Social connects us with our customers but it also allows us to build strong relationships with new retail partners and distributors as well.” —@GreenFlashKari

“Our Instagram growth can be attributed to a lot of engagement around letting people know that we see them and we thank them.” —@GreenFlashKari (highlight to tweet)

“Customer service has been huge in making the community around our products.” —@GreenFlashKari



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