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#whoifollow with Photographer and SHOWstudio Founder…

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To see more of Nick’s photos, follow @nick_knight on Instagram.

“I am an image-maker and the director of SHOWstudio, which is a website that creates and promotes fashion film. Whether I post a picture of Kate Moss, Kanye West or the roses I grow in my garden, it puts me in direct contact with my audience. The immediacy is so refreshing, it brings me right back to the reasons I started wanting to take photographs. I love using Instagram to find exciting new talent, especially new fashion illustrators. This is #whoifollow:

  • @dear_kukula and @raycaesar1111: Both wonderful.
  • @unskilledworker: She has been a great discovery and her fashion illustrations have become incredibly sought after in the very short time since she first started working with us.
  • @ozabu: Her illustrations are so exquisite. I always find both joy and great melancholy in her work.
  • @____zoe_bleu____ and @_n__arcis_s___u________s: Two friends who create the most delicate and new-looking imagery I have seen in a long time.
  • @reinadal: She posts both her fashion film and her illustrations. She is an exciting new talent expressing herself across different media.
  • @customcolorshop: Pictures of special paints for custom cars, they just always make me happy.”

—Nick Knight (@nick_knight)