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A study by Hubspot revealed that only 21% of marketers feel that they have an optimised content strategy. Content is the biggest marketing trick in 2016, and more marketers need to embrace insight driven content marketing. And what better way to get insights than from Twitter? The network’s public nature allows you to dig deep into the treasure trove of data to collect insights.

Recently, we’ve written about how Twitter insights is a great deal of help to form your content strategy. We’ve also shown you an infographic on how Twitter data can inform the rest of the your channels’ content – something that might not be obvious to many marketers in the first instance.

To reiterate how important Twitter insights for content marketing is, we have our Marketing Communications Manager, Cassie Hayes talking you through all the points that will make you an expert in this field.

This webinar was hosted in collaboration with SEMrush, it was also done when we were called SocialBro.

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