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Water Wipes Promotes With #PureLove While Holiday Inn Asks #WhyOverpay?

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Wimbledon and #Euro2016 might be over and done with, but that didn’t stop social media from erupting with all kinds of interesting campaigns. This week, we saw two brands broaching the subject of babies and kids for their campaigns – Water Wipes launched their #PureLove campaign, Holiday Inn weighed in with #WhyOverpay. Let’s also not forget Ghostbusters and all the revolving campaigns around the movie release.
We also have what team Audiense is reading (when not playing Pokémon GO). Look out for this, and more social trends in this week’s round up!

Water Wipes – #PureLove

Water Wipes, the baby wipes brand, has launched a new short film to promote their new #PureLove campaign. In a bid to boost the confidence of new mums, the brand roped in a “skin to skin” expert, to show mothers how much skin to skin touch matters to newborn babies. To spread the word about this campaign, Water Wipes held an event with midwives, new mothers and doctors speaking about their experiences.

Hope all the new mums are watching!

Holiday Inn – #WhyOverpay

Holiday Inn’s new #WhyOverpay campaign has come in just in time for the school holidays. The campaign highlights the “lowest price promise” that The Intercontinental Hotel Group proposes for people using the website to book the cheapest hotels for their holidays. Playing on the idea that holidays, including flights and hotels can be expensive and cumbersome when travelling with kids, the hospitality brand have launched a campaign #WhyOverpay.

We love the fact that all the regional Twitter accounts of Holiday Inn have synchronised their Tweets – ensuring that they Tweet about the campaign to promote the “lowest price promise”. In fact, they’re also challenging Twitter users to find an external website that offers less than they do.


The Ghostbusters movie release is seeing some fantastic spinoffs, one of them including a set of Vines by Walkers Crisps – and fans are calling these monsters “Crispbusters”. Genius! Have a look.


Waterloo Station Just Got Scarier

If you’re in London and you walked through London Waterloo Station in the past week, you would have noticed a massive crack in the floor, and a giant model of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man breaking through. Needless to say, Sony Pictures is promoting the release of Ghostbusters in every way they can, including Snapchat filters.



#BenefitBrows by Benefit Cosmetics has been trending on Twitter all afternoon this Friday – turns out the cosmetics brand is promoting a competition on Snapchat, and there’s been a healthy spill over on Twitter. Anyone for a goodie bag? Head over to their channel to win. If you’d like to read more about their social strategy, read our interview with them here.

What Team Audiense Is Reading:

Mr Robot Season 2 Premiere Debuted On Twitter
Venture Beat
For a limited time, USA Networks “leaked” the first episode of the second season of Mr Robot on Twitter and Facebook. There hasn’t been a better time for social networks and TV than now!
The Goals of #Euro2016
Euro 2016 might be over but you can still reminisce and see all the goals that were scored in the tournament in this interactive visualisation by Twitter.
Sponsored Locations Coming Soon To Pokémon GO
Ad Age
Any wonder that this was going to happen soon? Big news to advertisers and marketers, and no doubt they’ll take complete advantage of this.

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