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Vauxhall’s #ParallelBarking, Instagram Gets Holy, And An Important Easter Reminder

By March 24, 2016 No Comments

Vauxhall Parallel Parking Social Media Twitter Case Study Example Campaign

It’s not every week that a dog parking a car is a thing you see, but Vauxhall have ensured that this week isn’t like any other week. Elsewhere in social media this week there’s an important anniversary for Twitter, something important to remember at Easter, and more. Dive in for your weekly fix of our favourite slices of social media marketing and Twitter trends.

Canines In Cars? Vauxhall Delivers With #ParallelBarking

To promote the helpfulness of the Corsa’s Advanced Park Assist, Vauxhall has launched a campaign suggesting that even a dog can parallel park using it. The video shows the perturbed passer-by’s perplexion pertaining to the parallel parking pooch, and has amassed a significant number of engagements in just a couple of days.

Building on the interest in their automotive animal, they continued the discussion by asking followers for their driving manoeuvre nightmares. Don’t tell them, but some of us haven’t done a proper parallel park since we’ve taken our test!