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Turning Heads at the Kentucky Derby with @thehatgirls To see…

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To see more of their wild designs, follow Rachel and Kate (aka @thehatgirls) on Instagram.

No request is too outlandish for Rachel Bell and Kate Welsh (@thehatgirls). “We do a lot of unorthodox, unconventional materials,” says Rachel. “We’ve made hats out of hair before. We’ve made hats out of tree branches.” Constructing their own Lady Gaga-esque hats started as a hobby, but after turning heads for several years, the two turned their passion into a business. Depending on how unique the request, creating a one-of-a-kind headpiece takes anywhere from five to 24 hours to put together. This year for the Kentucky Derby (@kentuckyderby), the pair will fulfill about 150 custom orders. “The most important part of the Derby is the fashion,” Rachel says. “No woman wants to see their hat on somebody else!”