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Treading Thread with Professional Embroiderer…

By February 24, 2016 No Comments

To see more of her intricate designs inspired by pop culture, nature and more, follow @fiance_knowles on Instagram.

“I get to immerse myself in colors at a gentle rhythm,” says Danielle Clough (@fiance_knowles), who only learned how to embroider three years ago. Now, the artist from Cape Town, South Africa, has her own thriving small business. Danielle’s passion for art and design goes far beyond thread and needle; she moonlights as a VJ, creating visuals for electronic music artists and music festivals. “Experimenting with film and editing images has changed the way I see colors, and through embroidery, the slow process of playing with colors has made me much more sensitive to how I treat my images,” Danielle says. Her advice for other small-business owners on Instagram? “Keep your voice and your message honest and sincere. Audiences need to feel included in your world.”