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Traveling Toy Cars and Childlike Wonder with Kim Leuenberger To…

By June 15, 2016 No Comments

To see more of Kim’s mini auto adventures, follow @travellingcars on Instagram. Discover more stories from the German-speaking community on @instagramde.

(This interview was conducted in German.)

The story of Kim Leuenberger’s @travellingcars starts on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the garden when she took her first toy car — a VW bus — out for a spin. More than five years later, Kim is a photography student in London, and her collection has grown to over 50 toy cars from Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Switzerland and more. Every time she travels, Kim gets another car. “I’m more trying to show people how to find their inner child in them, even though we feel like we’ve lost that part of us,” she says. “It’s still somewhere inside.”