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@traslospasosdelquijote is the Modern Day Man of Mancha To…

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@traslospasosdelquijote is the Modern Day Man of Mancha

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(This interview was conducted in Spanish.)

Not long ago, in the dry plains of La Mancha, there lived a gentleman of epic bravery and shiny armor. That man is former security guard José Ramón Gándara Alonso (@traslospasosdelquijote). Amazed by the heroism (and insanity) of Don Quixote, the title character of the novel by Miguel de #Cervantes, José Ramón quit his job to study photography and become the “21st Century Man of La Mancha.” Last summer, he built handmade armor out of upcycled goods — his shield was a former waiting tray and his helmet once served as a cooking bowl — before cycling under the blazing Spanish sun in search of adventure. “Some wizard changed my horse for a bizarre invention that had to be moved with pedals,” the knight from Castellón, Spain, says of his bicycle. He is ready to start the second leg of his journey as Don Quixote, marking the 400th anniversary of the passing of Miguel de Cervantes.