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There’s Hand-Printed Witchcraft and Dark Wonderment at Poison…

By July 13, 2016 No Comments

There’s Hand-Printed Witchcraft and Dark Wonderment at Poison Apple Printshop

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Anyone can find creative inspiration from witchcraft according to artist Adrienne Rozzi (@poisonappleprintshop). “Every magickal practitioner is free to tailor their craft to fit their unique magickal path,” she says, adding that working “magick” in a spell or ritual is different than slight-of-hand tricks and stage magic. To help others in their discovery of “dark wonderment,” the 28-year-old opened a one-woman print shop in Pennsylvania, where she conjures up original artwork of serpents, crucibles and tarot suits. “Being part of a creative community is a true gift,” says Adrienne, whose connection with like-minded artists motivates her long hours in the studio. “Every once in a while I will run into someone I don’t know who is wearing one of my patches. In the end, I usually introduce myself and make a new friend.”