The Watercolors of Artist Stacey Rozich

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It makes perfect sense that artist Stacey Rozich’s (@staceyrozich) work would appeal to Father John Misty. She creates lush watercolor and gouache scenes rooted in Eastern European folklore that blend mortality, barbarity, hedonism, religion and humor, with titles like “Barry Dreams of Tropical Punch” and “We Will Find the Jerks.” In 2012, she painted an interpretation of Misty’s song “Only Son of the Ladiesman” that features a man in a pagan mask and leisure suit being killed by a demonic figure. The image got back to Misty, and he later asked her to craft the cover of his 2015 album, I Love You, Honeybear.

“He gave me a demo of the album, and a batch of images as a reference point, but he was basically like ‘do you,’” Stacey says. “The only thing he was really specific on was, ‘I want you to paint me as like a Renaissance-era angel baby that’s at the bare breast of a beautiful woman, like the Madonna and child.” The cover also features mariachi musicians, dancing rabbits and a monster devouring a beautiful woman, to symbolize the newly married Misty “leaving behind his reputation of being a lady killer.”

It’s the latest foray into the music world for the L.A.-based painter, who’s lent her aesthetic to videos for Fleet Foxes’ animated “The Shrine / An Argument” and Goat’s live-action “Hide from the Sun.”

In addition to her commercial work – she illustrates magazines and newspapers, paints murals in stores and offices and has even helped design one for a ginger beer bar – she’s hoping to one day create a “subversive” young adult graphic novel. “I’ve already created my own universe, my own ethos. I can see all the stories and characters. If it’s not appropriate for kids, it means they’re going to love it.”