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The Power of Pride and Tradition Through the Eyes of…

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The Power of Pride and Tradition Through the Eyes of Photographer Diego Huerta

To see more of his photography, check out @diegohuertaphoto on Instagram. For more stories from the Spanish-speaking community, follow @instagramES on Instagram.

(This interview was originally conducted in Spanish.)

Photographer Diego Huerta (@diegohuertaphoto) has a gift: “I know it may sound like a fantasy, but when I look at the people’s eyes, that’s when I know they are the right person to photograph,” he says. Diego was born and raised in Mexico and currently lives and works as a photographer in Austin, Texas, but every year he travels to the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. There, he finds stories in the eyes of the Zapotec people, whose customs have endured for centuries — like these proud feather dancers at Zaachila, an archeological site where the old Zapotec Empire once stood. “One day, as I was walking in the streets, I listened to the noise of drums. As I got closer, I could feel the buzz of people gathering around a house. And then I found these dancers in the patio,” he explains. “As a commercial photographer, that kind of human connection makes me keep my feet on the ground,” Diego says.