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The Marriage of Paintbrush and Fabric with @paperfashion and…

By March 18, 2016 No Comments

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The first time the fashion illustrator Katie Rodgers (@paperfashion) put aside her canvases to paint on silk scarves, it was thrilling. “I was playing with all sorts of methods and techniques and experimenting with gold metallic inks,” says Katie, who lives in New York City. The scarves were designed in collaboration with designer Valentina Kova (@valentina_kova). “We thought it was the perfect remedy to today’s fast fashion world, as we both believe in classic, quality fashion, that lasts well beyond a season.” The collection was inspired by dance, which Katie finds parallel to fashion. “I like the thought of something being so graceful and seemingly easy when in reality it’s incredibly difficult, unglamorous and physically straining,” Katie says. “There’s something stunning about that juxtaposition that creates a beautiful mystery.”