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The Feminist-First Message of UK Punk Trio Skinny Girl Diet To…

By April 5, 2016 No Comments

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Growing up, Ursula Holliday (@ursulaholliday) listened to punk music. “Everyone just thought I was weird,” says the 18-year-old drummer. No worries — she had kindred spirits in sister Delilah, 19, and cousin Amelia Cutler, 20. When they were teens the trio would wander around East London going to concerts before realizing that they would rather be up onstage than out in the crowd. So they started playing songs together, channeling their feminist-first, working class message into an energetic, balls-to-the-wall punk group known as Skinny Girl Diet (@skinnygirldietband).

In 2016, the word feminism may be more about a way of thinking than actually marching in the streets, but Ursula says the girls have been true activists since they were little. “It was so uncool to be a feminist then,” she says. “People didn’t understand it.” Luckily, they had role models in The Powerpuff Girls, the animated sibling superhero trio and musical prodigies.

“I used to love Bubbles so much, I was like, I have got to play drums,” says Ursula. “And then Buttercup over here,” as Ursula motions to Amelia, “played bass.”

Though Amelia (@ameliasayaka), like her two band members, listened to punk as a teenager, her musical tastes growing up were a bit different. As a child, she played the violin, and was a fan of classical music. Even now, that grown-up spirit translates into her role in Skinny Girl Diet, where Ursula and Delilah (@delilahholliday ) see her as the group’s big sister and mom.

“Really?” asks Amelia, a bit stumped over this information. “You know you are,” answers Ursula. “You’re always making sure we’re OK and helping us out.”

“You’re the organizer, Ursula,” adds Amelia. “I can’t organize anything.”

“What category am I?” says Delilah, chiming in, before Ursula responds with “Oh, you’re the cool one.”

Since dropping a new EP, Reclaim Your Life, in 2015, with the standout track “Silver Spoon” (make sure to check out its badass accompanying music video, which features the group saving a group of women from unwanted male advances) the trio is now looking to record a full-length album. But being an independent, full-time DIY act comes with its own complications.

“It’s hard because we can’t release music when we want to, we have to figure out how we’re going to do it. We don’t have any money behind us,” says Delilah. “But it’s also really cool because you don’t have to answer to anyone.”

“We’ve tried to get other jobs and stuff,” says Ursula. “I think [music is] all we can do. Otherwise we’d be a wreck.”

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