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The Feeling of Freedom with Royal Ballet Principal Steven…

By May 5, 2016 No Comments

This post is part of our monthlong series, #WhyIMove. Throughout May, we’ll be sharing stories of dancers from all over the globe. To see more of Steven’s art and life, follow @stevenmcrae_ on Instagram.

“I was one of those little boys who would hide behind his mum’s leg and not speak to anyone. But then, I had my first ballet lesson at age 7: It was like the whole world burst open. I was free! This is #WhyIMove,” says Steven McRae (@stevenmcrae_), a Royal Ballet principal dancer at London’s Royal Opera House (@royaloperahouse). “There’s a moment just before the curtain comes up when everything becomes quiet — the orchestra stops tuning, and you get this rush of adrenaline. Dancers have an addiction to work, because there’s always something to improve. But we’re not robots or athletes, we’re artists trying to tell a story with our bodies.”