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The Edible Gems of Japanese Sweets Enthusiast Chika To see more…

By July 6, 2016 No Comments

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For every Japanese confection Chika (@nano518pico) crafts, there’s a waka or haiku poem to match. “I majored in cultural history, where I fell in love with waka poetry,” says Chika, who creates edible gems in her spare time. “I challenged myself to make sweets that match the traditional 72 microseasons in the Japanese calendar. A lot of my ideas came from waka poems, so I decided to pair them together.” When Chika lived in Kyoto, she awakened to the wonders of traditional Japanese confectionery, which she hopes to help hand down to the next generation. “I’d be happy if my photos can show the beauty and offer a taste of Japanese sweets to other people, too.”