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Tending to @umemichi77’s Beautiful, Prickly Things To see more…

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To see more of Michie’s collection of succulents, follow @umemichi77 on Instagram.

(This interview was conducted in Japanese.)

Michie Umezawa’s (@umemichi77) obsession over potted plants stems from three small cactuses, gifted from a gardener at work four and a half years ago. Of those potted plants, “Cacti No. 1” (#サボ一号) remains one of her favorites among the 150 she now keeps at her home in Japan’s Hyogo prefecture. “I never really grew plants until then, nor had I seen an actual cactus flower before,” Michie explains. “I was amazed at the big white flower that bloomed on Cactus No. 1, and that’s how my collection of succulents started.” Michie is drawn to the genus’ slow and gradual development over time. “Each plant has different growth cycles, and I like to take pictures when a plant is in its phase of change — a state I like to call ‘in action.’”