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Taking Balloons to New Heights with Jihan Zencirli To see more…

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A recent caption by Jihan Zencirli (@geronimoballoons): “I IMMEDIATELY DON’T TRUST ANY RESTAURANT THAT SERVES A WHOLE FISH FRIED IN A CONTORTED SHAPE SO AS TO APPEAR TO BE IN MOVEMENT.” That’s paired with a picture of giant colorful balloons. The 30-year-old designer’s balloon creations and signature tassels show up at parties, fairs, in ad campaigns, 360-degree virtual reality videos — and even Buzzfeed’s (@buzzfeedvideo) recent celebration of Instagram growing to 500 million strong. (Yay🎈) Jihan is relentlessly self-deprecating. “The world can live without this,” she admits, and always posts those unrelated streams of consciousness with her pictures with hashtags like the #JIHANTHOUGHTS, or the more dramatic, #JIHANISTHEWORST. Clearly, she’s doing something right. A literary agent started following Jihan’s feed, and asked her to work on a book filled with those thoughts. “My goal is to create, whether it’s writing or making something physical. I want to create some sort of beauty or splendor for people to stumble upon.”