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Tackling Social and Environmental Issues with Misha Vallejo To…

By May 26, 2016 No Comments

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Misha Vallejo (@mishavallejo) has his #EyesOn the social issues affecting Latin America’s most remote regions. “My work revolves around the ‘lost person’ and the ‘lost place,’” says the photojournalist, who has traveled to locations like Lake Poopó in Bolivia to learn more about the changing livelihoods of indigenous communities. The son of an Ecuadorian father and a Russian-Israeli mother, Misha’s inquisitive images reflect his own quest to understand where he fits into society: “I don’t want to explain everything to the viewer — I love shooting banal scenes of everyday life and giving them a twist.”

In Ecuador, where he says “the relationship between humans and nature is primordial and still very strong,” Misha reveals the society’s fragile relationship with a changing environment. Last month, he trained his lens on the coming together of communities along the Ecuadorian coast in response to a 7.8-magnitude earthquake: “We need to understand that we depend on our environment in order to survive.”