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Two main things in marketing have caught our attention this week, winners and mums. Esurance has been producing plenty of winners at SXSW and reaping some serious Twitter engagement in return, the Shorty Awards have announced their 2016 nominees, and a Canadian digital firm looks to win over US talent on Twitter. As for mums? You’ll see… Read on to hear about some of our favourite stories, campaigns, and Twitter trends from the past week.

#EsuranceAccess Owns SXSW

The annual Texas SXSW festival is seeing exciting developments in tech and music, and competition is fierce to get attention from everyone looking for the best experience. Esurance had a significant upsurge in Twitter activity when their competitions got people Tweeting, swiping, and winning. There was food won with a Tweet, passes for instant prizes, and even a free car!

By upgrading their SXSW pass to an #EsuranceAccess pass, attendees were presented with chances to win by swiping their new pass at the Esurance garage. There was also a Tweet powered vending machine.

Not at #SXSW? Esurance were still giving people around the globe the opportunity to win with a classic Retweet contest that drew over 2000 entries.

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Shorty Awards Nominees Announced

Now in its 8th year, the Shorty Awards celebrate the best individuals and organisations producing content on social media. This Tuesday they announced their nominees for the 2016 event, with famed campaigns being nominated across a range of categories.

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The categories for Twitter include Sonic The Hedgehog, a Tweeting mattress, and the account for the highly acclaimed (well, we liked them) Sharknado films. The overriding themes we noticed were creativity, fun, and engagement, visit the Shorty Awards site for the full nominee list. To see how The Shorty Awards themselves use Twitter, check out the Audiense case study.


With many Americans feeling unsure about the presidential race, there has been a surge of people searching online for how to move to Canada. Taking advantage of the wave of Americans looking to the North is Canadian design agency Critical Mass.

The campaign has already seen traffic to its Toronto careers site rise by 2,310%, as curious creatives consider Canadian career choices. Another example of how Twitter can be used for recruitment, as well as finding your dream social media job.

Which Of The 66 Mums Was Yours?

New research by Mumsnet, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Ipsos Connect has highlighted how brands trying to generically target mums are failing to connect with the broad demographic. Their research has defined 66 distinct identities that Mums may relate to, and categorised how intensely they tend to feel that relation. The research highlights the importance of delivering segmented campaigns based on in-depth research into your target audience.

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