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Strange, Bizarre and Adorable: Renee French’s Emotional…

By June 13, 2016 No Comments

Strange, Bizarre and Adorable: Renee French’s Emotional Creatures

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“There is no such thing as too cute, and there is no such thing as too gross. And if you put them together, there’s this nice balance.” Meet Renee French’s (@reneefrench) cast of graphite creatures who live at this cross section of adorable and creepy. “I sit down, make a sketch and try and make myself laugh first,” the writer and illustrator, who lives outside San Francisco, says. “If I draw it, and it’s making me laugh inside, I go with it.” Renee’s emotions play a big role in her process, and she’s curious to learn how others react. “I love it when people look at them and have an emotional response,” Renee explains. “If you’re having a bad day, you could interpret it as being really sad, when someone else might see it as anxious or scary. It depends on the person. Except my mom. My mom always thinks they’re cute.”