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Stop-Motion Goofiness with @hombre_mcsteez To see more of his…

By March 17, 2016 No Comments

To see more of his animated doodles, follow @hombre_mcsteez on Instagram.

It would be a mistake to equate the simple with the easy. In Marty Cooper’s (@hombre_mcsteez) case, creating short videos — part stop-motion, part traditional 2-D animation — takes work, but the results are delightful. “What keeps me coming back,” the 28-year-old native Californian says, “is the goofy randomness of these little animations. I don’t see myself ever growing tired of dreaming up silly ideas that make me laugh, and then bringing them to life.” A professional animator, Marty has worked on commercials and in feature films, but one gets the sense that, even if he never made a dime from his light-hearted, constant doodling, he’d always find time for it. “Everyone draws as a kid,” he says, “in coloring books, on restaurant place mats, wherever. I was just like any other kid. It’s just that I never stopped drawing.”