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Starting from Scratch with @rickwlms and @burnrubberdetroit To…

By May 2, 2016 No Comments

To see more of Rick’s photography, check out @rickwlms on Instagram. All the sneakerheads out there will love his shop, @burnrubberdetroit. This post is in celebration of National Small Business Week in the US.

Rick Williams (@rickwlms) bought his sneaker boutique, Burn Rubber (@burnrubberdetroit), when he was just 23 years old. No easy feat for a new college graduate. “I got into photography because of my sneaker store. I had to shoot the product because we didn’t have money to pay a real photographer,” Rick, now 35, says. “I just got to the point where that was my favorite part of the whole process.” Telling stories through photos is Rick’s creative passion these days, and scenes from Detroit are often his muse: “When I shoot around out here, I’ve been in a lot of abandoned buildings and things like that,” Rick, who lives in Southfield, Michigan, a Detroit suburb, says. “But I find a lot of beauty in that heritage, imagining what used to be there and what that building used to be like … We’re making it here. We’re still driving. There’s a beauty in that to me; there’s a beauty in the struggle.”