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Slowing Down with @hodaafshar To see more of Hoda’s video…

By February 26, 2016 No Comments

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“The beauty of taking still images is that it allows you to stand outside of time and movement,” says Hoda Afshar (@hodaafshar). “With my videos, I’m simply aiming for a similar kind of experience and effect … and using slow motion is the most natural and interesting way for me to do this.” Originally from Tehran, Hoda is a documentary photographer and lecturer in Melbourne. Outside of work, she appreciates the opportunity to more freely meditate on her dual Iranian-Australian identity. Sometimes, Hoda conveys her sense of wonder by tracing a circular path around a non-moving subject. “This creates the Picasso-like effect of viewing an object from several aspects simultaneously. It’s another way of transporting you outside of your ordinary experience of things.”