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Slow Down for @mrjonkane’s Silently Scintillating Loops To see…

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Slow Down for @mrjonkane’s Silently Scintillating Loops

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Can you stir the senses in a fraction of a moment? With his cinemagraphs and video loops, Jon Kane Houldsworth (@mrjonkane) is finding success. “Whether it’s the subtle movement of water flowing or that feeling of a breeze blowing through someone’s hair, it stimulates that memory,” Jon says. Inspired by the natural beauty of New Zealand and his professional work as brand manager for a premium tea company — a perfect pour can appear motionless except for wisps of steam — Jon’s silently scintillating works are all about experiencing more by slowing down. “It’s just tuning in to the unnoticed little moments of life — the difference between looking and seeing,” Jon says. The process of sharing what he finds has its own reward: “Once you start creating cinemagraphs, you actually start seeing those moments more.”