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She’s Using Paid Pinterest to Drive Amazing Brand Results

By July 5, 2016 No Comments

Jen Forrest - InstagramPulling Back the Curtain on Agencies

When you hire an agency for the first time to handle your marketing efforts, it can be a bit unnerving to hand over the reins and let them take over. How do you know what they are going to do with their power? Will they use it for good? Ideally, the answer is yes but it always helps to have a little additional information in your back pocket to make you feel better.

Jen brings a decade of experience in marketing to her role in social at DEG Digital. Her extensive and well-rounded knowledge of marketing has helped her build a high level of trust with her clients which have included big names like Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, and Unilever.

She sheds light on how agencies such as DEG Digital approach their client’s work, build their brand, and staff for success. Partnering with an agency can be the best move that your company makes as long as you go into it with open eyes and ears; understanding their role and approach to social and seeing how you fit into the larger marketing picture.

In This Episode

  • Why staffing for client’s needs means having a team of specialists
  • How planning for the 80% leads to flexibility and risk for that last 20%
  • Why being a client’s partner means building trust to work quickly together
  • How better technology leads to more data for everybody
  • How social is blurring the lines between marketing, communications, and creative departments


Quotes From This Episode

“If you’re spending 100% of your time planning, you’re never going to be there for reactive or proactive strategy.” —@jenforrestkc

“The real trust that comes through when it comes to social and working with an agency is being okay and being on the same page with moving quickly enough together.” —@jenforrestkc

“In social, the minute it feels like marketing, it’s advertising.” —@jenforrestkc (highlight to tweet)

“My hope is that most companies out there see the potential of transparency really coming through in social.” —@jenforrestkc

“Social is leading the charge on advertising and on communications. Sometimes those ideas that start in the social team or start in the creative team, ends up getting to the front of the line because of the way consumers are digesting and engaging with brands these days.” —@jenforrestkc

“Let’s not worry about the channel. Let’s worry about the story. Let’s worry about what we’re trying to achieve here, and then let the tactical side of things kind of fit back into that.” —@adamcb

“It’s really important that when we’re thinking about how we approach a problem, we’re thinking about it in a way that’s channel-agnostic.” —@jenforrestkc

Live video has a place. It just needs to be used for the right thing.” —@jenforrestkc (highlight to tweet)



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