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@shardula’s Strong, Sassy Characters Don’t Need a White…

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@shardula’s Strong, Sassy Characters Don’t Need a White Knight

To see more of Mall’s illustrations of strong and spirited women, follow @shardula on Instagram.

“They represent the modern women of today. Strong, independent, but very feminine,” May Ann Licudine (@shardula) says of the spirited, cheeky fairy tale women she dreams up. The 35-year-old Filipino watercolor illustrator and sculptor, who regularly goes by her initials “Mall,” understands determined females. After all, life has demanded that she be one. Mall wasn’t able to hear or speak until she was 6 years old, and even today has profound hearing loss. Two years ago, she was dealt another physical setback affecting her abdomen. “I got so depressed, I almost lost interest in anything,” she says. Art helped her heal, and today, her business is doing better than ever. “Take advantage of your talent and the available advertising and business opportunities,” she advises budding small-business owners. “It makes our world smaller and opens up your business to a multitude of possibilities.” And most importantly? “Love your work.”