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Shaping Mini Masterpieces with Salavat Fidai To see more of…

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To see more of Salavat’s tiny art, follow @salavat.fidai on Instagram. For more stories from the Russian-speaking community, explore @instagramrussia.

(This interview was conducted in Russian.)

Pencil tips, pumpkin seeds and grains of rice — with the precision of a surgeon, Salavat Fidai (@salavat.fidai ) creates miniature masterpieces out of tiny, fragile materials. “Two years ago, I left my high-paying management position in law to become a freelance artist. I reclaimed my life at 41,” says Salavat, who lives in Ufa, Russia. He now dedicates his energy to his family and his carved pencils project, popular all over the world. “It’s like meditating,” says Salavat of his artistic process. “I’m both extremely focused and relaxed. I switch off from the world, and my whole universe contracts to the size of a needle hole. It feels like I’m transcending to another reality.”