Selfies from the Flight Deck with @pilotmaria

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“#MyStory is about strong females in a male-dominated environment — proving that we are just as good as them, believing in ourselves and keeping a positive attitude towards life.” —international airline pilot Maria Pettersson (@pilotmaria)

“I never thought becoming a pilot was an option for me, because of the high costs and the fact that most pilots were men. I worked hard to save for flight training and studied even harder. The toughest challenge has been to get that first flying job. There were many unemployed pilots fighting for the same job. It took me years. I’m very lucky to be where I am today, flying a young fleet of Boeing 737s around Europe.

“With my selfies I try to catch the moment and the mood I am in. The smiles you see are real and represent the feeling I am having right there. My best advice for taking a top-notch selfie would be: dare to be silly, embarrass yourself and smile — smile with the whole world.”