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Seeing and Hearing @kingblottothethird’s Mesmerizing…

By March 5, 2016 No Comments

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Seiji Catalado (@kingblottothethird) discovered his calling to calligraphy when a pen in an antique shop caught his attention. “It was over 100 years old, but it was still functioning, doing exactly what it was designed to do,” the 23-year-old says. “It was an exciting and profound experience to me. In our disposable culture, it had maintained its value. I wanted to know how to use it properly.” Soon, Tokyo-born Seiji was able to support his music career by designing logos, wedding invitations and even custom declarations of love. “I find it both an honor and inspiration to act as the medium between two people expressing their appreciation for each other.” Equally exciting to him is sharing a quality about calligraphy most never get to appreciate: its sound. “You can hear the nib scratching across the surface, which creates an auditory rhythm that matches the flow of the ink.” The effect is meditative and hypnotic.