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See the Moments You Care About First

By June 2, 2016 No Comments

In March, we announced a new way of ordering posts in feed so you’ll see the moments you care about first.

On average, people miss 70 percent of their feeds. It’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share as Instagram has grown. Over the past few months, we brought this new way of ordering posts to a portion of the community, and we found that people are liking photos more, commenting more and generally engaging with the community in a more active way.

With this new ordering you won’t miss your favorite band’s video after the concert, even if it took place across the world in a different time zone. And no matter how many accounts you follow, you should see your best friend’s latest posts.

You’ll likely see this new experience soon if you haven’t already. We’re going to keep improving over time to help make Instagram even better. Learn more in the Help Center.