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Roaming the Streets of Stuttgart and Heidelberg with…

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Roaming the Streets of Stuttgart and Heidelberg with @corasacher

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(This interview was conducted in German.)

About a year ago, Cora Sacher (@corasacher) created the hashtag #inthestreetsofstuttgart to observe her environment more consciously and to show the versatility of her hometown of Stuttgart, Germany. When she recently moved to Heidelberg for her studies, Cora kept exploring the new city through her camera lens — focusing on the people around her. “For instance, you’re sitting at a bus stop, look across the street and get a glimpse of a lady in a fur coat, walking her dachshund to the weekly farmers market,” says Cora, whose pulse always skyrockets as soon as she notices an exciting motif. But the sociology student’s photographs are anything but hectic: Cora preferably captures elderly men and women because, as she says, they beautifully “decelerate” the daily routine. “When you meet them, they are mostly taking their dogs out or returning from a shopping trip with a basket,” she says. “It’s the situations I see them in that make them my favorite subject.”