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Riding the Waves with Surfing Champ @harleyingleby To see more…

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To see more of Harley’s footage from the waves, follow @harleyingleby on Instagram.

Harley Ingleby (@harleyingleby) never had much of a choice. Raised on the beaches on the east coast of Australia, he was born to be a wave rider. “I literally grew up under a roof of surfboards,” the 32-year-old says. Thanks to his parents’ encouragement, inspiration from his dad’s vintage board collection and the perfect waves of Coffs Coast, Harley has surfed pretty much his entire life. He got serious about the longboard surfing after high school, and less than a decade later, earned his first ASP World Longboard Title, the highest honor in the sport. Harley’s photos and videos, captured from a camera perched on the end of his board, take fans right into the heart of the action. But even with all the occupational risks, his enthusiasm for the sport — and his dogs, Minion and Moe — shines through all the footage he shares.