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Repurposing Leftovers Into Perfectly Plated Art with…

By April 25, 2016 No Comments

Repurposing Leftovers Into Perfectly Plated Art with @culinary_canvas

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One late night after dinner with friends, Lauren Purnell (@culinary_canvas) started playing with her leftover pasta: “I turned it into a tree … and I just called it the spaghetree.” The 23-year-old Canadian-born, London-based brand strategist and part-time artist’s “tree” was a hit, and creating art out of food scraps became a new passion. Quickly, Lauren realized the best colors come from fresh food, so she started using what gets discarded in food prep — lots of skins, rinds, all the leftover bits. Her art is a means for repurposing these scraps before they’re tossed out. “I love the idea that my pieces could inspire people to stop wasting food,” Lauren says. She has labored over panda bears, florals and even scenes inspired by life in London, but her favorite pieces are the still the spontaneous ones.