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Pursuing the Real Pakistan with @khaula28 To explore more of…

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In Pakistan, the distant past and the immediate present meet in surprising ways. For Karachi-based photographer Khaula Jamil (@khaula28), capturing images where the two merge is not merely part of her job, it’s a perk of working in her homeland. In a city like Lahore, for example — recently in the news after a suicide bomber killed scores on Easter Sunday — those vibrant, improbable scenes are around every corner. “Lahore is the cultural heart of Pakistan, the jewel, the center. You can pause there and take in the immense history of the subcontinent,” Khaula says.

In her personal photography, as well as in her photojournalism, Khaula seeks out what she calls “an alternative story” about life in her country. “I try to highlight stories that haven’t been told — stories about the rich culture of Pakistan’s cities and, especially, the remote villages that tourists hardly ever see,” she says. “But that’s the Pakistan I love.”