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Portraits of the Ocean’s Power by @raycollinsphoto To see more…

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Ray Collins (@raycollinsphoto) captures portraits, but not the kind you are used to. A lifelong beachgoer from New South Wales, Ray was unable to walk or surf for six months following a knee injury. During his rehabilitation, he picked up a camera and discovered endless inspiration in the power of ocean waves. “Every kind of emotion you can have as a human being can be tied to the ocean and the moods of the ocean,” he explains.

Ray can spend months studying storm trajectories in pursuit of the most dramatic seascapes, but he has learned you can’t predict what will happen: “It’s rogue and there’s rocks and there’s riptides and currents. The physical act of pushing the button to capture the photo is the end of a chain of events.” One of Ray’s strongest endorsements of the ocean’s strength can only be experienced firsthand: “The sound is something that you can’t capture. It goes reverb through your whole body.”