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Playing Dress-Up in the Animal World with @phannapast To see…

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Whether a cockatoo in a pink silk blouse or a butterfly in a ballgown, fashion designer and artist Phannapast Taychamaythakool (@phannapast) knows a drawing is finished when it looks alive. “When I feel their eyes sparkle, I can feel that something inside of me comes to life, too,” says Phannapast, who lives in Bangkok. She attributes this vivid quality in part to drawing with a blend of markers and colored pencils, but perhaps it’s also because she’s imagined these characters her whole life. “I come from a family of animal lovers,” Phannapast says. “My father loved to tell the story about the relationship between birds and flowers, humans and nature — his own version of fairytales just for me. And my mother is a dressmaker, so I naturally absorbed all of the details. Now every single story is still in my memory.”