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@pinot Blends Animation with the Real World, 15 Seconds at a…

By March 12, 2016 No Comments

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For Wahyu Ichwandardi (@pinot), animation is a family business. The motion graphics animator learned to draw and animate from his father, who worked as an artist in their native Indonesia. Wahyu’s quick and delightful 15-second animations blend hand-drawn images with the real world. “The story is always about how the 2-D drawing interacts with real objects around it,” he says. “That’s where the animation meets stop-motion.”

He’s best known for a series that pits a cartoon bird against the outside world. The unlucky chick is always trying to escape the page, assisted by glass bottles, seesaws and other drawn objects. “For a 15-second animation, I usually produce 100 to 200 illustrations,” Wahyu explains, adding that he smooths each animation out on the computer. Along with his own projects, he sometimes collaborates with his wife and children at their home studio in Queens, New York. Credit for the whimsy in Wahyu’s work belongs to his kids. “When we ‘teach’ them about art, they teach us back about so many things, [like] how to bring childhood imagination back to our adult life.”