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Photographer @ryangarza Shares Stories From the Flint Water…

By March 22, 2016 No Comments

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Ryan Garza (@ryangarza) has his #EyesOn Flint, Michigan. Born and raised in Flint, Ryan has been documenting his city for over 15 years. His coverage of the contaminated water supply began in January 2015: “From the moment I heard we were switching to using the Flint River as a drinking source, I knew we were in trouble. Growing up in Flint, we knew to never get into the Flint River or eat fish from it. When the water levels were low, vehicles, shopping carts and other objects were visible. I was there when Flint officials sampled ‘treated’ river water as it was being considered as a safe source for residents. They offered me a drink. I declined. But later, there was no declining the water.” A photographer for the Detroit Free Press, Ryan’s photos help to tell the stories of the people affected by the crisis. “I enjoy the four seasons and the nature that our state has to offer,” he says. “My hope is for the water crisis to be the fuel to help rebuild Flint into something better.” #WorldWaterDay