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Photographer @leacolombo Invites Distractions To see more of…

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Backstage at a fashion show might not be every photographer’s favorite
location for a portrait shoot, but for Lea Colombo (@leacolombo), the
chaos is ideal. “I really like capturing the candid moments when someone is
distracted and focused on something else,” says Lea, who is 22 and has
been taking photos ever since she left her home town of Cape Town, South Africa, for Paris three years ago. Before and after the Calvin Klein (@calvinklein)
show yesterday during New York Fashion Week, Lea photographed models,
attendees and designer Francisco Costa on a simple backdrop without
worrying if she had their full attention. In the resulting portraits, she
says, “You wonder what’s going on in their minds and the photos take on a
dreamlike quality.” In other images from the same shoot, her subjects look straight into her lens. “It completely changes the mood of the image.”

Meanwhile, out on the runway and behind the scenes, photographer Kevin Tachman (@kevintachman) documented the rehearsal, the front row, and closeups of the collection.