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P&G Asks Us To Thank Our Moms And Knorr Wants Us To Fall In Love With Flavours

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Twitter Trends
We’ve got some heavyweight social campaigns this week. With less than 100 days to go until #Rio2016, P&G is making sure that athletes and sports participants know who to thank for their victories at the Olympic Games. Knorr has started an integrated campaign that plays heavily on our sense of taste, and Starbucks has a range of new emojis for their drinks menu. We also have a range of Twitter trends that you might want to know about.

P&G’s #ThankYouMom

If you’re surprised that we’re almost in Olympic season, you’re not the only one. Has it already been four years since #London2012?! Well, P&G are here to make you realise that and possibly nudge you to send a thank you note to your mum stat. Their newest campaign is an ode to all the mothers who, no doubt, sacrifice a whole lot for their kids’ sake, and arguably a little more if their child is a star athlete competing in the Olympic games.
The new campaign #ThankYouMom positions P&G (and all their products) as “proud sponsors of mums”. The two-minute advert shows grown men and women competing in various sports, with flashbacks to their childhood when their mother was their strength. It has everything to make those tear ducts leak.


P&G also have a dedicated Twitter handle called Thank You Mom By P&G which encourages Twitter users to share the advert and thank their moms, and they’re replying to everyone who shares it on Twitter.

Keep those tissues handy!

Knorr’s #LoveAtFirstTaste

Knorr has got an interesting proposition for all those who are trying to find love and failing. Forget the concept of love at first sight, and go with #LoveAtFirstTaste instead. Discover who you might gel with by decoding your tastes. Similar taste buds may lock your hearts together forever – that’s the message that the soup brand wants to send across. The campaign has started with an advert which shows couples being matched according to their tastes. To kick off the campaign, Knorr are promoting it with a conversational ad on Twitter.

To make it interactive, they even have a microsite with a slew of questions to determine what your flavour might be, and what Knorr products might match that. You can take the quiz here.

The team even caught up with a couple featured in the advert to see if they decided to back for seconds.
[embedded content]
Finger-lickin’ campaign, this one!

Kronenbourg’s Teaser Ad

We love teaser ads to a new campaign. They’re exciting and pique the interests of the intended audience. And finally do the job – making us look forward to the final campaign.
Kronenbourg 1664 have just released its first couple of teasers for their new unnamed campaign, which will be revealed on the 2nd of May. It involves doggies and Eric Cantona! I think that gives them a double win.


Can’t wait to see what it’s about.

In The News –

– Another bit of news about the Olympic games. The famed Olympic torch has begun its journey from Greece. But what we want to tell you about is that the journey will also be mapped out on Twitter – as it has its own account, called the Olympic Flame. Follow the account to map the journey.

– An Asda store is doing its bit for the society. In a recent move, the Asda supermarket in Manchester has introduced a “quiet hour” to help people with Autism and other disabilities. Read about it here.
– Londoners were pretty taken aback with a shower of snow earlier in the week. Brands, no doubt decided to capitalise on the occasion. Here’s a Tweet we especially liked.

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