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Paper Magic with Barcelona Artist Raya Sader Bujana To see more…

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To see more of Raya’s paper artwork, follow @littlerayofsunflower. For more stories from the Spanish-speaking community, follow @instagrames.

(This interview was conducted in Spanish.)

Sheet by sheet, Raya Sader Bujana (@littlerayofsunflower) transforms ordinary paper into art. “At first sight, paper looks like a weak and fragile material, but actually it provides endless opportunities,” the Lebanese-Venezuelan artist from Barcelona says. While studying architecture in college, Raya started playing with paper — cutting, folding and painting every sheet with the precision of a surgeon. Her paper-art passion blossomed into a business. “I love sharing everything there is behind each piece, so people can see they are all handmade,” Raya says. “It is a way of expressing the love I put in them.”