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@mister_krisp’s Edible Art Is (Almost) Too Cute to Eat To see…

By March 31, 2016 No Comments

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A New Yorker hungry for her creative outlet, Jessica Siskin’s (@mister_krisp) muse had been in her kitchen all along. “I don’t cook. Rice Krispies Treats are the only thing I can make,” the now food artist and MFA student explains. “I made them all the time to entertain people, but because I’m me, I couldn’t just drop them in a pan.” Jessica often shaped her treats into hearts or stars, but one day, panicked by what to bring to a potluck gathering, she transformed her treat into a surfboard and experimented with food coloring for the first time; today, she sells up to 12 of her crazy and colorful creations per week. “It’s really important to be authentic to you and your brand,” the small business owner advises. “No one will identify with your brand if you don’t know what it is. I haven’t wavered or changed how I post since the first day.”