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The Chrons is a service based growth platform. Perfect for brands, bloggers, or anyone looking to reach a larger audience of fans and potential customers on Instagram.

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Connect with real targeted users that follow and engage with your brand.

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We help your content be seen by people already following you increasing your post relevancy.

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We help amplify your content to boost your engagement rate and reach.



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Our secret sauce comes from what we call our Method Growth formula which, true to our tagline, is all about the love.

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We targets users most likely to engage with your personal or brand profile. Based on the settings we help you create, we find you real followers that are most interested in your profile. Your new followers are found based on hashtags, location, and even by targeting followers of another account

Smart Optimization

Our smart technology and machine learning auto optimizes for you every 7 days ensuring you get the best possible results

Fast And Secure

Lightning quick set up, account configuration and automation means you’ll see a stream of new followers real quick. Secure processes protect you every step of the way.

Killing Competition

We’ve been at it since the earliest days of social media and have the experience, drive, and results to back it up. Celebrities, small businesses and organizations trust The Chrons to deliver results. So that’s what we do.

Budget Friendly

Operating a business can be expensive, so we’ve crafted The Chrons to fit within your budget without breaking the bank. Sustainable, affordable growth is the name of the game with The Chrons onboard.

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