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Meet Kidmograph, the Artist Behind A-Trak’s Colorful Visuals To…

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Some call our addiction to electronics the death of intimacy. Others hail it as a bold new era. For Argentinian art director and graphic illustrator Gustavo Torres, aka Kidmograph (@kidmograph), it’s an endless well of inspiration.

“I have all these old memories from my beginnings in the computer world, and the birth of the new generation of graphics,” Gustavo tells @music. “People feel really represented in that, because they have that kind of information hidden in their minds. That’s what I try to make. Something that evokes the nostalgia but also is fresh and contemporary at the same time.”

Gustavo’s science fiction tinged work is colorful and geometric, and often tackles the themes of man versus machine. It’s a strong aesthetic, one that has been tapped by a host of artists, musicians and companies. In addition to being a regular illustrator for Vice Media’s Motherboard, Gustavo has developed art and visuals for Kanye West, Maroon 5 and Miley Cyrus. Most notable, however, is his ongoing position as official art director for Canadian DJ, turntablist, producer and label manager A-Trak.

“He’s five or four years younger than me, but he shares a lot of the same ideas, lifestyles and concepts that we all dealt with [pre-Internet],” Gustavo says. “He’s very open to my suggestions and style, so we always have good starting points to begin a new visual/audio project.”

With A-Trak, Gustavo is responsible for album and single artwork as well as any digital fliers or online visual content. What he’s most proud of, though, are the tour visuals.

“I get a lot of [positive] feedback from the people who went to the live shows,’” he says. “Maybe I make an animated flier [for A-Trak] and it’s really cool, but it’s not the same feeling as being there.”

In that way, perhaps, IRL still trumps url.

––Kat Bein for Instagram @music