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Meditating on Life’s Little Gags with @vanderyacht For more…

By April 5, 2016 No Comments

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Illustrator and animator Cari Vander Yacht (@vanderyacht) seeks life’s “little gags” and turns them into GIFs. A lot of these moments happen on her 20-minute New York City walk from the subway to her studio. “I was walking home yesterday after my first coffee and thought, wouldn’t it be funny if you open a drawer and there’s a smiling face in there?” Cari says. “It’s a lot of ‘why not.’” What started as a hobby has turned into a full-time gig, but Cari is adamant she’s still learning her craft. For example, “simple things like textural elements make a drawing look deeper than a stick figure. Ideally, I want it to evolve. I’m still exploring with illustration,” she says.